Clearing out my feed reader

My feed addiction has got to stop! It’s a great way to keep up to date on my favourite blogs but when it gets to over 300 blogs then something has to be done. That means cutting back on my subscriptions. Unfortunately the first to go will be those photoblogs that don’t offer a full feed, or only show thumbnails. If I had time, I’d visit your blog every day but I don’t, and it’s impossible to judge the merits of a photo from a tiny thumbprint of an image.

Without further ado, here’s the list of blogs I have dropped from my feed reader. If you’ve come here because you saw traffic to your blog through a link in this post, please consider a full feed. I’d be back like a shot because I enjoyed your photography enough to subscribe in the first place!

Your feed readers are the most loyal of your readers and they should be treated accordingly. Give them something to get their teeth into instead of a small morsel and you’ll find that traffic to your blog increases, you’ll get more links to your posts and maybe even more comments by an appreciative audience.

Here are the photography related blogs that stay.

And a lot more but I got tired of copy/pasting everything.

Coming up on Monday: search engine tips for your photoblog. Don’t miss it!

9 thoughts on “Clearing out my feed reader

  1. Totall agree with you on this. If I have a lot of photos on one post, like for a gig or something, I might not show all in the feed but I much prefer seeing full-size photos in a feed. If I like it, and have time, I’ll head over and comment on it. I wouldn’t go reading all the blogs every day to see updates if I wasn’t looking at the feed.

    Nice list of blogs though, another few to add to my ever-increasing list.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up Donncha. I’ve been having trouble getting my feed to show the full content for ages now but with no luck. I’ve written a wee note to the Feedburner people to see if they can tell me what I’m doing wrong.

  3. Phew… still alive.. 😉

    I fully agree about the partial feeds – completely annoying.

    I’ve been procrastinating a good cull of my feeds. It’s gotta happen soon.


  4. nice to find out who one of my readers is Donncha, and thanks for keeping me alive on your reader. I had thumbs up untill recently but when I started to see subscribers I figured more folk would not bother with the web page itself so I changed to full, nice to see it has been appreciated.

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