A tour of Cork University Hospital

A few days ago my wife Jacinta and I were invited to tour the new maternity wing of Cork University Hospital. It’s due to open officially on March 24, only a few days away now!

I asked the very pleasant security guard if I could take any photos but he said that I needed permission to shoot. Perhaps if I had time but the tour was about to start so I made do with remembering as much of it as possible.

I’ll update this post with details of the tour over the next few hours. We were really impressed, but they didn’t plan a few areas of the hospital properly, which is going to bite them in years to come.

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    ahem, it wasn’t a filter, I used an overlay layer with a black to transparent gradient. Works a treat for skies, especially as the black doesn’t affect the clouds or white building in this case!

    A tour of Cork University Hospital

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    1. Una Flanagan was alive and well last time I saw her in 2012….He lived off the Glasheen Rd in Cork City and is or was in the phone book under AU Flanagan….She worked in the Erinville Hospital and retired around 1990

  5. HI, i want to say thank you. I had my baby-boy in this hospital. All doctors and midwifes are great. Especially thanks to the midwife which was with me in the 9 ward (04-12-2008), when born my lithuanian baby-boy.


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