The Goat is Dead

In my younger days when I was out on the town on a Friday or Saturday night with the rest of the crowd, “The Goat Broke Loose” was an occasional watering hole for me and my friends. It started out well, with a good mix of customers, although if memory serves there were a lot of preening ladies there too interested in looking in a mirror to notice a poor altruistic open source developer like myself!

In later years the pub became known as a place where a younger clientèle would gather to drink. Unfortunately for them it closed a few years ago but they all moved on of course to a new spot. I suspect it will be redeveloped because it is right next to the now closed Grand Parade Hotel and the City Library which is going to get a major new make over in the coming months if planning goes through. has a less than glowing review of the Goat but it’s pretty much spot-on. You can see the Goat in the background of Your mom knows kung fuu.

Well, that was strange. I published my post and the url to my image changed. I had to copy/paste it from it’s Flickr page again. First time that’s happened.

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    Traces in the Sand has posted a comment:

    …. long live the Goat!!

    The Goat is Dead

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    Flickr: xeer March 2, 2007

    xeer has posted a comment:

    Haha. I’m glad it’s dead. Hopefully a new (child friendly) bar will go up there now for us older and wiser past customers of the previous establishment!

    The Goat is Dead

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    Donncha O Caoimh March 2, 2007

    Walter blogged about the new online Photoshop. One big positive about it is that online editing of photos will become more acceptable once the “big guy” is doing it. It’ll improve the market for other services such as Pixenate because of user demand! 🙂

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    Lili March 2, 2007

    hey! thanks for the link to my site 🙂 love yours too
    Lili (aka I take photees)

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    .. March 3, 2007

    […] The Goat is Dead […]

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    Flickr: Darkle Dagbar March 4, 2007

    Darkle Dagbar has posted a comment:

    Ha Ha Nice pic!

    The Goat is Dead

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