Irish Blog Awards shortlist

Sob! didn’t make the shortlist! I should have put that vote link and logo in the header like I did last year. I have been shortlisted for “Best Contribution to the Irish Bloggersphere”. I guess it’s for that WordPress thingy, eh? Thanks to everyone who voted for me. It’s really appreciated!

Plenty of great links on Damien’s shortlist post, including a couple of photoblogs I hadn’t visited. Here’s the shortlist, go pay them a visit. There are some excellent images awaiting your viewing pleasure!

3 thoughts on “Irish Blog Awards shortlist

  1. Donncha I’m in shock that you’re not on the shortlist. I can only think that a lot of people must have presumed you were a shoo-in and so they gave their vote to someone else. Thank you for being so gracious, I love your photography and feel a bit weird getting through when you didn’t. Congratulations on the Best Contribution nomination.

  2. Hi Donncha,
    Same as Claire said:- your multiple nominations might have split your vote. Bad luck – I had you tipped to retain your title this year – great photos as usual,

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