The Girls of Cork City

Two girls standing at the edge of a crowd on Patrick’s Street, Cork.

A quick search for irish cork girls hoops earrings led me to the page on scanger. Judging by the definition of both male and female clothing, there are plenty of them about!

Stereotypical Appearance

* Very short haircuts (sometimes with a short fringe or quiff at the front) in males. The wearing of a high pony-tail in the girls (usually at the crown of the head), negatively referred to as the “knacker knot”, “scrunchie” or “Annie”. The wearing of ‘quiffs’ on women is also becoming quite popular.
* Peroxide blonde highlights, usually on the top of the head and quiff of males, and as streaks in females have been popular in the Summers of recent years but are losing out to shaved-in patterns among short haired males.
* The wearing of thin moustaches, (“knacker-taches”), such as that made famous by Irish Boxer Barry McGuigan.
* The wearing of branded baseball caps (such as the Burberry check pattern). The cap is often worn at a sharp 70-90 degree angle. The Nike brand has a high take-up rate traditonally among this market segment. In recent years Burberry has also emerged as a strong market player.
* Prominent jewellery: sovereign rings (on men); large earrings, especially hoop earrings, (on women); and thick chains (worn around the neck or wrist) is another characteristic of the scanger; another overt display of affluance, these are often hallmarked silver or gold, or at least gold in appearance—another similarity with the british chav.

Females can be identified by the so-called “Knacker Facelift”; a ponytail with hair pulled back so far that it stretches the facial skin, hiding the wrinkled skin developed from years of eating chips and smoking since childhood.




  1. Reply
    micki December 19, 2006

    Fun post today!!

  2. Reply
    joe January 5, 2007

    Man, they are scangers alright… your lucky dey didn’t give ya a box for your fancy camera…….

  3. Reply
    scruss January 23, 2007

    We call them sengas in Glasgow …

  4. Reply
    Jade June 30, 2007

    i like using the quiff i use it nearly every day !! woo love the quiff

  5. Reply
    Unknown August 1, 2008

    That’s absolutely true! Specially with the clothes! All of them dress up in the same way… no so much fantasy…

  6. Reply
    Liam July 15, 2009

    Having grown up in Cork city, I must applaud! You managed to very eloquently describe the most classless part of Cork!

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