What tablet would you buy?

I’m in the market for a tablet to make my life using the GIMP easier. I’ve looked longingly at them in stores but my credit card stayed in my wallet and I resisted the temptation! Now, I’m seriously thinking of making a purchase and wondering which one to go for.

After some initial problems Richard Querin got his Wacom Graphire3 working and I know there’s the Linux Wacom Project but they’re not the only show in town. What about other manufacturers?

As a photographer, has using a tablet helped you? Has it made it easier to work on photos? Is it easier to apply large changes like dodging and burning a whole image?

And finally, red or blue pill?

7 thoughts on “What tablet would you buy?

  1. I splashed out and got one of the A5 Wacom tablets in PC World a few months ago. Works very nicely in photoshop although having never used one before it was quite a bit to get used to using a pen instead of a mouse. And err, blue pill

  2. I bought a tablet PC from Gateway. I got the first generation which wasn’t a great choice because the specs were a little bad, like an unexciting display and max resolution. I really like it however the onlything I use it for is dodging and burning in photoshop so I don’t think it’s worth what I paid in the end. Though it is a great conversation piece.

    Gateway UK doesn’t seem to sell the tablet PC. You can check it out here.

  3. ABM – I’m looking for a graphical tablet and pen really. Something to make my photo editing easier. I just tried to order the Graphire4 off Amazon.co.uk but they won’t ship it to Ireland unfortunately. Can anyone recommend somewhere to buy such a device?
    Maplins have a tablet but it’s not a brand I recognise so it’s less likely to work with Linux. Grrr.

  4. I’m trying to persuade Santa to get me a tablet for Christmas, but he’s not too clued up on online shopping so I’ve been doing the hard work for him. I hadn’t even thought of trying PC World or Maplin, so I must check out the prices there before I finalise my Christmas wishlist. Play.com won’t ship outside the UK either, so I’d recommend pixmania.com, if only on the basis that the last item I bought there was nearly half the price you’d pay in shops in Cork.
    Basic: Graphire 4 (A6 size) €86 (plus about €12 for 2 day shipment with DHL).
    High(er) end: Intuos III (A5) €292 + shipping

    And if the price still isn’t right, try eBay!

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