What tablet would you buy?

I’m in the market for a tablet to make my life using the GIMP easier. I’ve looked longingly at them in stores but my credit card stayed in my wallet and I resisted the temptation! Now, I’m seriously thinking of making a purchase and wondering which one to go for.

After some initial problems Richard Querin got his Wacom Graphire3 working and I know there’s the Linux Wacom Project but they’re not the only show in town. What about other manufacturers?

As a photographer, has using a tablet helped you? Has it made it easier to work on photos? Is it easier to apply large changes like dodging and burning a whole image?

And finally, red or blue pill?




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    ryan December 4, 2006

    I splashed out and got one of the A5 Wacom tablets in PC World a few months ago. Works very nicely in photoshop although having never used one before it was quite a bit to get used to using a pen instead of a mouse. And err, blue pill

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    ABM December 5, 2006

    I bought a tablet PC from Gateway. I got the first generation which wasn’t a great choice because the specs were a little bad, like an unexciting display and max resolution. I really like it however the onlything I use it for is dodging and burning in photoshop so I don’t think it’s worth what I paid in the end. Though it is a great conversation piece.

    Gateway UK doesn’t seem to sell the tablet PC. You can check it out here.

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    Donncha December 6, 2006

    ABM – I’m looking for a graphical tablet and pen really. Something to make my photo editing easier. I just tried to order the Graphire4 off Amazon.co.uk but they won’t ship it to Ireland unfortunately. Can anyone recommend somewhere to buy such a device?
    Maplins have a tablet but it’s not a brand I recognise so it’s less likely to work with Linux. Grrr.

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    Mike December 7, 2006

    I’m trying to persuade Santa to get me a tablet for Christmas, but he’s not too clued up on online shopping so I’ve been doing the hard work for him. I hadn’t even thought of trying PC World or Maplin, so I must check out the prices there before I finalise my Christmas wishlist. Play.com won’t ship outside the UK either, so I’d recommend pixmania.com, if only on the basis that the last item I bought there was nearly half the price you’d pay in shops in Cork.
    Basic: Graphire 4 (A6 size) €86 (plus about €12 for 2 day shipment with DHL).
    High(er) end: Intuos III (A5) €292 + shipping

    And if the price still isn’t right, try eBay!

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    mynn December 8, 2006

    hello there, i’ve been a fan of your blog & photos but it’s my first time putting down a comment. I also use GIMP to edit my pictures. I am only a beginner but personally, I recommend the Wacom Volito 2. it cost me less than £30 from amazon.co.uk but definitely beats using a mouse for GIMP. My impressions here:


    Definitely worth every penny.

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    .. December 8, 2006

    […] I followed Mike’s advice in his comment and bought a Wacom Graphire4 off Pixmania. Mynn’s post about his Volito2 Graphics Tablet sealed the deal, especially when he said that the “A6 working area is MORE THAN ENOUGH”. Hopefully it’ll be delivered early next week. I’ll ask Jacinta to open the box and verify that it’s in one piece but I’m not going to touch it before Christmas Day! Tags: Architecture, Canon 20D, construction site, Cork, Cornmarket Street, Ireland, irishblogs, photos, Sigma 10 20, Signs, Sky, Urban […]

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    .. December 13, 2006

    […] My quest for a graphics tablet is complete. The Wacom Graphire4 arrived yesterday from Pixmania. As I promised to myself, I haven’t opened it yet and won’t do so until Christmas Day, or after because the 25th is going to be so busy! Tags: Black and White, Candid, Canon 20D, Cork, Ireland, irishblogs, People, photos, Sigma 10 20, St Patricks Street, Street, Urban […]

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