Blackberries glisten in the bright sun of an August afternoon in Co. Cork.

I love blackberry jam, blackberry tarts, blackberry crumble. I don’t like picking the fruit, but I have many childhood memories of wandering country lanes with my family looking for the best fruit for my mother to make delicious jam.
Nowadays, you can buy a carton of blackberries in M&S cheaply. Oh how times have moved on.




  • Blueberries are definitely my favorite for picking and raspberries for eating. I always said, if left on an island with only one food, that food would have to be raspberries. Great summertime memories for me with this shot. Thanks!

  • to whom it may concern. I recently wrote a song about my best friend and I picking blackberries when we were children. I was wondering if anyone had a photo of 2 little boys actually picking blackberries. This would be great to use as for the insert background for the lyrics of the demo. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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