California, San Francisco CA

California, a street in San Francisco near where we were staying last August.
This was taken after a great lunch in a nearby restaurant with some of the WordPress guys in a Burmese restaurant – Mark Jaquith, Markr (the support guy formally known as Podz), Andy and of course Matt. Excellent food and company.

I like this: Aaah! les galettes… – almost a painting. Great art.

Nice – in Couple Dancing, Cory Parris does a great job on a first dance shot.




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    micki November 4, 2006

    Great perspective and it must have been a sight to see you shooting this one!

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    Donncha November 4, 2006

    Thanks Micki, you should have seen me today – the leaves on the ground make a beautiful carpet of orange, red and brown on the grass and I was crouched over in a public park taking shots of it all!

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    recursion_see_recursion has posted a comment:

    Clever stuff; my brain had to a handle a 90 degree flip from thumbail to image.

    California, San Francisco CA

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    Mark Jaquith November 7, 2006

    That was some good lunch. 😀

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    .. November 9, 2006

    […] California, San Francisco CA […]

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    Flickr: ap1oq6oCbCt February 17, 2007

    ap1oq6oCbCt has posted a comment:

    i like it 😉

    California, San Francisco CA

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    5h4mr0(k October 31, 2007

    If you want a title for it, how about “The Other Side of the World”

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    Flickr: thejuice101 January 1, 2008

    What a great angle!


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    Flickr: a.ivanovich January 21, 2008

    Cool photo!

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    Whitney January 29, 2008

    I love this photo, any chance you will enlarge it and send me a print?
    I am willing to pay.

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    Flickr: faad90 February 25, 2008

    great pic.

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