Golden Gate Tower

One of the suspension towers of the Golden Gate Bridge looms over traffic on a beautiful August afternoon.

Driving across the bridge was wonderful because the bridge is such an iconic part of the San Francisco and it’s simply enormous! Maybe next time I’ll walk across it’s 1.7 mile length. If you’re interested in finding out more, the Wikipedia page is a mine of information!

PS. Congrats Mel, Sharon and Alex on the new member of your family!




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    micki November 2, 2006

    Awesome perspective!!

  2. Reply
    deity November 3, 2006

    I wrote this poem “High” and i posted a picture i stole from some girl’s myspace comment. i do think however that this awesome picture fits the poem better. is it okay??? please? please??? please???

    am posting it already!!!

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    Jennifer November 3, 2006

    I love your pictures of the bridge and of Alcatraz. I can’t believe you took this one from a car! I walked across the bridge several years ago, which was great.

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    Donncha November 3, 2006

    Thanks for commenting! It was so amazing and sitting here with the cold weather upon us it’s great to look back on it!

    Deity – of course you can use, thanks for asking! Just link back to this post please –

  5. Reply
    deity November 6, 2006

    ohh, thank you so much for posting the link here. my sincerest apologies though that i can’t wait for your approval and i had to post the picture right away.

  6. Reply
    deity November 6, 2006

    btw, i am so linking you in our site. that way, it will be easier for me to steal pictures in the future. ha ha!

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