Shel Israel and Rick Segal in Cork

Shel Israel and Rick Segal joined members of the Cork blogging and business communities for dinner in Taste of Thailand last night.

They spent the day talking to business people so I’m sure the dinner was a welcome end to the day. Pat ordered one of the banquet selections and we tucked into what I think was four courses of delicious food. I wish I knew that much food was coming out because I could barely eat my breakfast this morning I was so stuffed!

Dinner was excellent of course, and I can heartily recommend Taste of Thailand if you’re looking for a nice meal in Cork.

Tom has posted a picture and some words about the dinner last night too and reminded me that Pat should be thanked for organising it. Thanks!

Will has a write up on the night too. I must take a look at that MusicIP app Rick was going on about. He said it works in Linux too so it could be a useful experiment. I wonder what it’ll make of my varied collection of music?




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    micki October 18, 2006

    Good food and good company…sounds like the way to spend an evening. I really like the relaxed mood of everyone in the photos, great captures!

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    Lloyd D Budd October 18, 2006

    Cork seems like the place to be. I enjoy the genuineness of these photos.

  3. Reply
    Donncha October 18, 2006

    Thanks for commenting! It was a really great evening and I’m very happy with those photos. Some of my wide angle shots just didn’t look good but luckily I had the zoom with me too!

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