A pint of beer and a newspaper

Sometimes it’s good to chill out, relax and step out of the rat-race, even for a few moments.
This scene was made on St. Patrick’s Street outside Le Chateau, a bar with seating in front of the building as most places do these days because of the smoking ban. Yet another of the advantages of that ban!

On a related topic, how does insurance work when you’re drinking and enjoying the facilities of an establishment outside the physical walls of the bar or restaurant? The bar doesn’t own the pavement. Also, it’s illegal to drink in public areas isn’t it? In front of a pub is a public area surely?

In other news, I’m now a paid up member of Mallow Photography Club! Despite driving from Kerry on Monday, and feeling the worse for wear, I went to the meeting that night. It was a portraiture night using studio lighting. Three local girls, only one of whom had any photoshoot experience were our models and did a great job, even with the gaggle of photographers busily snapping away! I got a couple of good shots of the girls, which may end up on my photoblog next week if they’re happy with them. No promises because it’s the first time I’ve done this sort of shoot and it’s more than a little intimidating for a newbie! I need to read and absorb more of Strobist.




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    Mary September 26, 2006

    I’d imagine the bar would have to apply for a licence from the council for pavement seating. At least that’s what happens in England. Windsor is full of bars and restaurants with pavement seating, however smoking ban here isn’t due until next year.

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    micki September 26, 2006

    It does look nice to be able to go out and have a seat and a table instead of just standing against the wall.

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    Kae Verens September 26, 2006

    and, if it’s illegal to drink in public areas, and pub is short for “public house”, does that make it illegal to drink in a pub?

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    Donncha September 26, 2006

    It’s not a bad place to go for a drink but it’d be very noisy on the street so there’s no possibility of enjoying the “peace an quiet” of a nice day! Not bad when meeting people though.

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    DaveP September 26, 2006

    By fencing the area, it’s suddenly no longer “public space”, at least here in the states. And the bar usually is required to apply for a permit from whatever local government has jurisdiction.

  6. Reply
    NoWords September 26, 2006

    Very interesting processing…

  7. Reply
    fjl September 26, 2006

    Thanks for taking time on my blog.Your photo is beautiful and evocative as always, I’m so glad you’re on the blogs.

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