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Cute little free minicards

Card to Handle by Richard Moross

Those cute little moo mini cards are turning up everywhere now. Should I join the crowd and order my 10? You betcha! Who can resist “free stuff”?

I like this: alkos 339

By Donncha

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8 replies on “Cute little free minicards”

Well, that worked well. I picked 10 images from my Flickr account, cropped them, entered my address and received an acknowledgement email. Cards should be here within 10 days, or so!

I’m quite tempted to order 100 of the cards before the free shipping offer runs out at the end of the month. Won’t have my first free 10 cards by then, but if they live up to the hype, it wouldn’t be a bad way to spend $20. Now if I can only find 100 photos worth minicarding.

I had my 10 picked out and cropped but was flicking back and forth between tabs when I closed the Moo tab 🙁 Still getting used to having the close function on each tab in Flock, one of the only downsides to it so far.

[…] Both Ryan and Daragh got their free mini cards from but I’m still waiting on mine. They have been shipped so they’ll arrive soon I hope. Check out Daragh’s shot of his cards for an imaginative way of photographing them! […]

I looked for free minicards but couldn’t find any, I guess the deal is over, I still ordered minicards but not from moo because I needed them for a show that will take place this week end and moo would have taken too long. I got them from (got them this morning), took only 3 days from my order date, I am actually very happy with myminicards as the cards are delivered already packed in their mini dispenser case, they are super cute! I will not go back to regular business cards ever!

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