The Apple Store

An apple stall at the Midleton Food and Drink Festival last weekend. It was a wet morning and when I saw the water glistening on the apples I just had to make this photo.

Technique: Photo was levels adjusted manually because the GIMP thought there was too much green in the image, it gave a blue tinge to the whites in the image. I then burned the scene and did the apples over a little more to really bring out the rain drops. Saturation increase of everything but the blue and cyan channels helps to warm up the image. Finally resize and unsharp mask to sharpen. (Was that useful? I’ll add this more often if it was!)

9 thoughts on “The Apple Store

  1. What lens (manufacturer and lengths) are you using? I’m considering a wide angle for the near future. Seeing you use one everyday, I want to try. 🙂

  2. All my really wide angle stuff is shot with my Sigma 10-20 lens. I love it, and heartily recommend it to anyone. The Canon 10-22 may have the edge over it but it costs a lot more and I don’t regret buying the Sigma one bit!

  3. Yeah, the Nikon equivalent to the Sigma is $900(US) where the Sigma is half that. I’ve been reading reviews on regarding wide angle lenses and it seems that’s the one to get. sadly it was just given an award as best consumer lens; the price will likely junp for a while.

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