Non-photography day

Today was Non Photography Day! The aim of the day is to enjoy the moment instead of trying to record it for posterity. Luckily I wasn’t doing anything wildly interesting visually today!

Paul Butzi writes that he is half-sympathetic to the cause being championed by Becca Bland. I have to admit she has a point too, but it’s a hobby, and a safe, enjoyable one at that. If I had something interesting to photograph I would have!

Maybe we should call “enjoying the moment” by another name? Call it “taking a non-photograph” instead. Enjoy the sun, and the peace and quiet or watch the world go by as you sit down with your lunch.
Did you take a non-photograph today?




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    Digital Traveler July 18, 2006

    Outstanding concept. I’m going to add that to my week. Right now I have wide angle day, telephoto day, candid day, landscape day, architecture day, etc…

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    DaveP July 18, 2006

    I mowed the lawn and then stared at the flowers and the robins I’d upset with the noise, rather than rushing in to get the camera. Does that count?

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    Donncha July 18, 2006

    Mow the lawn.. I need to do the same! You did more than I did outside yesterday. We’re going through a heatwave here with temperatures hitting 30 degrees so I’m avoiding the sun as much as I can!

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