The Grand Parade Construction Site

Another view down the Grand Parade and a look at the construction site that takes up most of the street! Well known shop fronts such as the Singer Sewing Centre are visible in the background. In sharp contrast, the new Soho bar and restaurant is right next to it. It’s all modern steel beams and plate glass.

Since this photo was taken they’ve taken down the fountain in the centre of the street. I presume it’ll be put back again?




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    micki July 14, 2006

    I guess we’ll just have to trust that progress is being made here, because I can’t tell that it is.

    What a headache for commuters.

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    Matty July 14, 2006

    We’ve suffered Irish theme pubs over here for ages offering delights such as All Day Irish Breakfasts and, I kid you not, Champ and Sausages! So now you’ve a slice of Laaaarndon to look forward to in Cork. I hope the prices aren’t too realistic….

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    .. December 12, 2006

    […] This was a construction site a few months ago but work is progressing well and most of the work is done. […]

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