World Book Day Singer (1/4)

Cork celebrated World Book Day a little late but it didn’t stop the organisers putting on a great show!
This gentleman performed for the crowds outside the City Library and attempted to serenade many of the females who walked past.

This is what the street entertainer in yesterday’s picture was looking at! 🙂




  1. Reply
    micki May 14, 2006

    Great shot of this very expressive gentleman!

  2. Reply
    omaniblog May 14, 2006

    Love it. Is it cropped? Or were you using a long lens?

    I spent about 20 minutes photographing him but none of my shots were this good.

  3. Reply
    fjl May 15, 2006

    Sincerely I would much rather be seranaded by this man than not atall. x

  4. Reply
    Matty May 15, 2006

    Donncha. You sure you don’t want me to look after the site for you?

  5. Reply
    Ayash Basu July 10, 2006

    Great portrait, love it in b/w with so much energy that this guy seems to have.

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