A little bunny in the garden

One of the trio of rabbits that live in and around our garden in Blarney.

I may have time to post wedding photos before we go on honeymoon but it’s unlikely. You’ll have to wait! I’m going to ask a few people for permission to post photos of them first so don’t worry about your face appearing on the Internet!
Thank you Donal, Conor, Matt, Charlene, Mike, Celine, John and everyone else who had a camera for taking photos. I look forward to seeing those that I haven’t seen yet!




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    NoWords May 10, 2006

    wow, so cute!

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    Ken May 10, 2006

    Saw a rather huge hare around Churchtown on Tuesday afternoon – I think it was much bigger than a pitbull! Great photo and thanks again for inviting us, we had the most wonderful time 🙂

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    Matty May 10, 2006

    Donncha, I’ve had a thought. Do you want me to look after this site while you’re on honeymoon?

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    Donncha May 10, 2006

    Thanks Matty for the offer, but I’m going to set up a cron job that will post photos to Flickr and then on to this blog automatically each day while we’re away!
    I have about 20 images ready to be published so all I need to do now is write a small php or bash script and run it from this server. Simple!
    PS. I’m a big fan of your your blog! If only you updated more often!
    PPS. Added your new blog to my Bloglines feed reader!

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    andyp May 16, 2006

    Great, great picture. What lens did you use? I’m intrigued to know how you got such a nice shot 🙂

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    Gardener January 17, 2008

    Cool photograph, and a pretty healthy looking bunny. It’s looking right into the camera – WOW

  7. Reply
    Jane G. January 18, 2008

    That’s so cute !! my niece was trying to grab the bunny from the screen when she saw it 🙂 She thinks its Peter Rabbit, from the kids storybook.

  8. Reply
    Virtual Scotland January 20, 2008

    Cool, what lens and camera was used for such a photograph?

  9. Reply
    P connor Blog February 14, 2008

    Nice picture – bright and so clear!

  10. Reply
    Barbara G. February 16, 2008

    Awesome photograph. Captures the wonders of nature!

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    Dating online Tipps April 18, 2008

    this picture is really really goot 🙂 great

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    Myonlinegarden May 5, 2008

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