Ireland Today: construction

Ireland today is defined by construction. A huge portion of the Irish economy is driven by the residential building trade. An acre of land can go for €50m and up in Dublin. Two rate hikes by the ECB hasn’t dampened Irish interest in owning their own property.
This crane was pictured at University College Cork where building work on new developments continues.




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    Lyriann May 2, 2006

    Reflections in my eyes,
    Things I can imagine
    Are poison for my mind
    Under construction…

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    micki May 2, 2006

    Awesome reflections, love how it’s broken up by the panels of glass. I would be returning to this spot often to shoot if it were near me! What opportunities…

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    Donal May 2, 2006

    Nice pic Donn. Good angle for this. Here’s hoping that the ECB rate won’t go mad!

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    Donncha May 2, 2006

    Thanks for the comments! I’m glad I went fixed on my mortgage for the next 2 years! I only wish the Euro-US Dollar exchange rate was more favourable. I’m getting crucified on that!

    Micki – you probably didn’t see Matt’s post about him coming to Ireland. I’m getting married in the next few days and the wedding will take place in the chapel behind me when I took this shot!
    I have a few photos of it so I may post a shot of it on the day.

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    Nicolas January 24, 2007

    Great one !

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    Timmy - The construction crane guy May 17, 2008

    How is the property prices doing in Ireland?
    btw, I loved the reflection on the glass panel of the building. Great picture!

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