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Imagine my surprise when we stumbled upon the above scrawled on the sand at Inchadoney. I had nothing to do with it, honest! 😉

Jacinta and I drove down to Clonakilty yesterday evening where we enjoyed a lovely meal in the Cobra Indian Restaurant. Then it was on to Inchadoney beach to enjoy a walk before the sun set.
I just had to write “WE LOVE WORDPRESS” in the sand after seeing a message about bebo nearby. Thanks Jacinta for the idea!




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    […] OK, so maybe I had something to do with this picture, but I had to counter the bebo message with one of my own! Related Stories (wordpress, love, beach) […]

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    Lyriann April 24, 2006

    Wonderful light and magic moment of life ! Very intensive.

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    Gareth Marlow April 24, 2006


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    Gavin April 24, 2006

    Hehe This is brilliant. I love the light in this. I love Inchadoney. We go to Cork quite alot over the summer, and always end up on the beach. Fantastic shot Donncha.

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    Micki April 24, 2006

    Beautiful shot!! The sunlight is lovely!!

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    NoWords April 24, 2006

    amazing finding! great shot…

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    Budi April 24, 2006

    this photo has been attracting my eyes, really 🙂

    I love WP too 🙂

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    […] Via In Photos » Blog Archive » We Love WordPress Share this article with the world:These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

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    bloggaru April 25, 2006

    i love it too 🙂

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    James Farmer April 25, 2006

    Sweeeet, there’s a meme here I’m sure… keep an eye out for Melbourne bay 🙂

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    Lelia Katherine Thomas April 25, 2006

    This is a beautiful scenery photograph, really. *laughs* And someone is very good at making straight letters. 😀

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    […] Ù¾ÛŒ نوشت : روی شن ها نوشته شده : “We Love WordPress” ! (منبع عکس) […]

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    Eric April 26, 2006

    hehehe, this will surely catch the attention of many WordPress users 🙂 Will other people start to draw these on beaches worldwide? 😉

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    valerie April 27, 2006

    That is TOO cool 🙂

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    akira May 4, 2006

    aah. we used to go to Cobra (and the beach) quite often when we lived in Skibbereen. Say our hello next time you are there!
    i am currently getting to know wordpress and liking its flexibility (and the way it’s very forgiving to the noobie maneuvers) a lot.

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    sebastian May 17, 2006

    what a crazy photo, but we needed that anyway =)

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    mansour May 23, 2006

    it is nice photo.

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    Victor May 28, 2006

    I love wordpress! 🙂

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    Yaser June 5, 2006

    Cool. I love WordPress too. [ما دستدرم وردبرس] in my dialect of Farsi!

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    romarine June 24, 2006

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    Ali HAJIPOUR June 25, 2006


    Je t’aime .fr

    Ti amo .it

    دوستت دارم .ir

    I love you .us

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    […] Britt Blaser dropped in while on his vacation, and others that I met (and remember) were Donncha O’Caoimh, the noted WordPress developer (love this photo… ), John Handelaar, Walter Higgins – who has a fabulous product and Gavin Sheridan, another prolific blogger. […]

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    Flickr: a4qXCt4qb5s February 17, 2007

    a4qXCt4qb5s has posted a comment:

    Author – respect!

    We Love WordPress

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    Joshua Davis (articnomad) has posted a comment:

    Funny stuff.

    We Love WordPress

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    Flickr: Lilly April 1, 2007

    Lilly has posted a comment:

    thank you for sharing your lovely photo

    We Love WordPress

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    […] Reading How To Blog: Beginner How To Blog: Intermediate [I want to thank inphotos for the pic, very cool] Sphere: Related Content del.icio.us Digg it Furl Netscape RawSugar […]

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    amin November 18, 2007

    i love all people.
    i love my mom.
    i love amin.
    i love my god. he is the best.

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    amin November 18, 2007

    i come from iran .
    iran is very good.
    we love all people

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    estetik December 19, 2007

    Very nice photo.

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    PraiaDaLuz January 20, 2008

    LOL. That is so cool.

    Love to you all.

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    prefabrik January 21, 2008

    Nice photo.

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    buy beats February 13, 2008

    I love wordpress too. but not on the beach 😉

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    bittersweetcollide March 11, 2008

    wow, great shot! Well count me in, I’ve tried other blogging cms but wordpress really got me.

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    Letter March 19, 2008

    Wow, you actually manage to take the picture at great timing and the lighting was just perfect.

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    Andrew May 11, 2008

    Very good exposition, as for the composition the text needs to be a bit larger to my taste.

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    travesti May 13, 2008

    I love the light in this. I love Inchadoney. We go to Cork quite alot over the summer, and always end up on the beach. nicee .)

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    Free Desktop Wallpapers May 15, 2008

    very nice and indeed it required hard work. I think it will look more beautiful in day light

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    Flickr: Nicoma May 26, 2008

    very nice for me ’cause i’m a new fan of wordpress. i’ll take it as wallpaper 🙂

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    Annie M May 31, 2008

    That is awesome. Nicely done. We love wordpress too! I just dont have any sand to shout it out in….

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    Pedro from Disfuncao Erectil June 29, 2008

    That is a great picture! Are you sure you didn’t have anything to do with it? Hehe

    Best regards,

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    jim July 3, 2008

    Great photo, But the feeling of it does not match “WordPress” at all. It seems like the lighting and mood would be more along a wedding proposal, not an ad for wordpress. But i guess it fits in the weird catagory, which is why you have so many comments. Strange enough to get traffic and comments.

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    Watches August 11, 2008

    Thats a very cool photo. WordPress is great!

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    Guru August 20, 2008

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    Flickr: bloggersmosaic September 7, 2008


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    Tony December 25, 2008

    I heart WordPress too

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    JARichards March 4, 2009

    Congrats on such an interesting blog. You’ve got a new follower thats for sure!

    Anyway …. What wonderful shadow effects on that photo! That’s the sort of shot I dream of, and never achieve 🙁


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    Solo Life April 8, 2009

    Beach? Good idea to write on the sand, but the tide will wave it out.

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    […] used with permission by Donncha O Caoimh // AKPC_IDS += "8262,";Popularity: 1% [?]Notes:For most customers ↩ Filed Under: […]

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