Green Seaweed

Green seaweed grows on stumps of wood on the beach at Youghal. I can only guess that these stumps are a protection against the powerful force of the tides. Aren’t they?
Check out the Youghal category for another shot of this beach!

7 thoughts on “Green Seaweed

  1. Yes, they are known (down in the South of England anyway) as groins. Normally they would have planks between the posts but obviously they erode with the salt water.

    They are meant to protect the beach from the tide.

  2. Thanks for the comments! I have another shot of the same beach to post in a few days time and it has the plank lying horizontally. I just love the symmetry of how they’re laid out in rows!

  3. They are called groins in Scotland too, they’re usually quite high and go right out in to the sea, they stop sand being washed along the coast so you often end up with one side having a bigger drop than the other.

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