Buy a hot dog

I’d call them hot dogs simply because I’m ignorant of the German name used on the sign outside this stall. Whatever they’re called they were delicious!
Pictured during the St. Patrick’s Festival Cork 2006.




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    Darragh Sherwin April 1, 2006

    It looks like Bartwurst, Aldi occasionally has them and they taste great with good German Pils

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    Darragh Sherwin April 1, 2006

    Sorry, it’s spelt Bratwurst, and I’m off to Aldi to buy some….

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    Micki April 1, 2006

    Oh boy, those do look good! I love this shot, too.

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    DaveP April 1, 2006

    The squirrel sticking out of that sleeve worries me.

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    Donncha April 1, 2006

    Dave – thanks for making me smile! It was a cold day! *grin*

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    DaveP April 2, 2006

    No problem.

    Does putting squirrels in your sleeves keep you warm?

    Must be some weird Corkish custom.

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    Flickr: dutchgoldallgood February 6, 2007

    dutchgoldallgood has posted a comment:

    so stereotypical, u can do better, what makes you a photographer, why is your character not coming out in this shot.

    Buy a hot dog

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    Buyer February 12, 2008

    Were you checking her fur coat out while taking the snap! If thats you in the pic i.e

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