46 stars and lots of stripes

How long ago was the United States made up of 46 states? According to this site it was 1908! This flag may date back to that time because it was brought back from there by my grandfather in 1929 or the early 1930’s.

I must say thanks to my Uncle Ray for bringing that flag along to a family get-together tonight!




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    àsìkò March 29, 2006

    interesting. nice contrast

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    Micki March 30, 2006

    What a wonderful family heirloom!

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    Phil April 2, 2006

    Damn that is old. Something to treasure.

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    .. December 10, 2006

    […] I took a photo of an even older flag several months ago. It belongs to my uncle and has only 46 stars! Tags: Alcatraz, California, Candid, Canon 20D, fire hydrant, flag, flag pole, in photos, irishblogs, People, photos, San Francisco, Sigma 10 20, Sky, United States […]

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