Feed The Birds!

This was taken yesterday in my back garden. We had some beautiful light after a very dull start to the day and I took advantage of it.
I used the Canon 75-300 IS lens but the bird feeder is about 3m away from my backdoor so I can’t get as close as I’d like. This is a very close crop of a much larger image. The original crop is 1188×1188 pixels but I really like how this came out.
There is purple fringing on the highlight around his mouth, and in his eye but it’s not too bad thankfully!




  1. Donncha, this one is a greenfinch. I believe it gets its name from the fact that its a member of the finch family and it’s fairly green. I might be wrong, though.

  2. Those are peanuts. They go mad for them! It’s amazing to see about a dozen birds waiting on the fence for their chance to eat!
    Thanks Matt, I hoped you’d know what type of bird it is!

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