Get There, Go Anywhere

Bicycle locked up and bus arriving on the Grand Parade a few nights ago.
It’s been quite a while since I used either forms of transport.
What caught your eye first about this image? The poster, the foreground or the bus?

19 thoughts on “Get There, Go Anywhere

  1. Well, I think working at home has some advantages. I want to try it if I have the chance 🙂

    @Budi – don’t worry, we will take the first answer instead 🙂

  2. It was the bus that caught my eye, I looked at the picture, saw then bus, then the bike (and was surprised that it was “still there”!) and then saw the poster.

    Then I read the description 🙂

  3. The poster (I wonder why? 🙂 ) But what I really like is the idea, bike, bus and the thought of getting there all link.
    The world of opportunity is out there indeed!

  4. nice idea and good situation shoot. the bus, the poster and the bike in the front!
    i think other pictue is when you take the focus ( and sharpness) on the poster
    and the bike is diffuse.


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