Here Feen! Give us dat, boy!

Couple of local lads pictured in front of the Savoy, Patrick’s Street, Cork.

8 thoughts on “Here Feen! Give us dat, boy!

  1. Like ryan said, you gotta be careful in this situation – i couldnt take this picture at all. I get nervous being around kids like this with my camera.

  2. i second you there.
    there is always an advantage to what i call being a “chick with a cam”. i know girls who just come up to the most menacing looking bloke and ask him to pose for her – him just after a fight on the phone, back alley of some club – i am not kidding – woman have “the touch”.
    me – i’d be carrying a signed check with me, to buy my camera back from the guy right there. 🙂
    lovely shot.

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