He texted me!

Shot on Patrick Street, Cork about a week ago. I was crossing the street when I spotted two girls engrossed in a mobile phone.
This is a tightly cropped section of the image which was originally shot from the hip in portrait mode.
The Oasis clothes shop is in the background, and HMV can be seen in the reflection of the window.
See the bag in that guy’s hand? It’s from the “Digital Camera” shop 🙂

4 thoughts on “He texted me!

  1. there’re so many story in this photo. perfect… hm…the guy carying digital camera bag has a weird expression and the girl with the green tshirt has a weird appereance costum (harajuku!) and the last one…i like her. she’s gorgeous 🙂

    getting stress with blueburry, Donncha?

  2. Thanks Budi – find the photoblog format too limiting. I like to write occasionally, and post links to other sites. A pure photoblog is limiting that way because of the way it’s structured. It’s one or more photos in a post with an optional explanation which leaves no space there for writing or links.
    Hopefully you can expect some tutorials here on the digital art of photography soon!

  3. Donncha. I prefer this format as well. I think pure photoblogs don’t look like blogs at all, they look more like portfolios to me. After all, I know all about photography, me. And blogs.

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