The Signs in Blarney

The signs in Blarney always point towards a B&B!
This bunch of signs do anyway. Right at the end of Station Road there’s a pole with signs to about a dozen B&Bs! If you ever need somewhere to stay in Blarney you shouldn’t have trouble finding accomodation!

Link of the Day

If you haven’t read any of the The Digital Journalist yet then the January issue is a good place to start! I found dispatches for Iraq and Bolivia rivetting and scary and exciting.
In a compeltely different way, Bill Pierce’s memories of the late Michael Evans will stir your heart. He did a great job writing about his friend.




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    Budi January 12, 2006

    I like the clover, remains me of Boston Celtics (one of basketball team in nba).

    Hm…I’ve found the similarity right here. Did many people from Ireland come to Boston in the past days?

  2. Reply
    Gavin January 12, 2006

    They are all 1Km away. HOW COULD YOU CHOOSE!? I suppose Eeeny Meany would Excellent shot. I like the way the background is all lighted & blurred.

  3. Reply
    Donncha January 12, 2006

    Thanks lads! Budi, Boston is full of Irish people! Irish people have been landing there for years and most people there have some Irish blood in them!

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    Ryan January 13, 2006

    This is a great shot. How did you get it? It looks like everything is moving except the Killarny House sign – which looks like it’s lit up. If you did this without editing it I’ll be amazed. The green throughout the picture is fantastic and fitting. Great work!

  5. Reply
    Donncha January 13, 2006

    Most of the movement in the image was done without post-processing. It was a handheld 4 second exposure, the EV was dialed to at least one stop under, and I used a flash to illuminate the signs.
    The middle sign was on the one sign that was face-on and reflected most of the flash.
    The squiggly lines behind are the busy morning traffic.
    Finally, in the GIMP I adjusted colours using the Curves tool and a little radial zoom on a new layer for a little extra punch.

  6. Reply
    Phil January 14, 2006

    A super shot! I like how the middle sign is so sharp compared to with the rest. The green tint throughout the shot is also good.

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