Wet Day Shopping

Couple walking along Patricks Street Cork on Saturday.

9 thoughts on “Wet Day Shopping

  1. ISO400, and a lot of practise of shooting from the hip!
    I read an interesting article yesterday about candid photography. One technique I haven’t tried is the phone and camera trick.
    Pretend to talk on a mobile phone while your camera is in your hand by your side. People are used to seeing people talk on their phones in the middle of crowded areas and on streets and won’t suspect that you’ve taken their photo!

  2. came across this photo as i was just doing a random search for things to do when I go home at xmas. Guess what? Those two people are my parents…..what were the chances of me finding this photo, anyway its a great photo, I will get it developed and give to them as a surprise.



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  4. Very nice photo, I just started photography and found your site. I’m thinking of buying a good digital camera soon. Keep up the good work, look forward to more great posts.

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