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Running around Eighteen Turns

We went down to Fota House a few weeks ago to see Eighteen Turns created by Daniel Libeskind. We weren’t as lucky as Ryan as there were parents with kids running and screaming around the piece all afternoon.
What better way to remember the day than the photo above eh?

By Donncha

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Seeing Eighteen Turns with kids running around is a privilege, and one which you should enjoy. It isn’t ‘unlucky’ at all. The structure was designed as a pavillion – for use as a concert platform or, as at its prior location, as a dining hall. I had the great privilege of being in eighteen turns when it was located at the Serpentine Gallery in London. It was such an accessible location, and the structure was filled with happy young families enjoying the summer. The gaiety of the children playing around in it was a glorious contrast to the austerity of the pavillion, and it counterpointed the quiet hushed crowds in the gallery proper.

Cork 2005 made a horrendous error placing it out in Fota in such a remote location. Bereft of life, it broods over the Fota gardens. Cork people seem to take a ‘cathedral’ attitude upon entering the building – one wholly inappropriate to the design. It was meant to be a libing piece – screaming kids may just have injected some character back into it.


Daniel Goldsmith

Thanks Daniel, that’s an interesting take on it, and it was being used properly then!
I have to agree with you, it is a shame it’s way out in Fota House but if it was in the city, where would they put it? Inside City Hall? If it had been outside it would have been destroyed by graffitti and late night revellers going home after one too many drinks. 🙁

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