Capitol Cinema, gone

The Capitol Cinema in Cork closed it’s door to audiences yesterday. Ryan has photos from last night too.
According to what he read in the Examiner, the building will now be used for apartments and retail purposes. I can’t complain, this particular cinema has been in a bad state of repair for a long time although it had ye olde style theatres. I remember seeing Gattaca in screen 3 several years ago and it was in a tiny room with vertical patterned wallpaper.
The main theatre was much larger but other cinemas around Cork attracted the audiences.

4 thoughts on “Capitol Cinema, gone

  1. I’ve a lot of fond memories of seeing films there. It’s a bit of the city’s history that is now gone forever. All the cinemas I grew up with have now been shutdown.

  2. Granted It was in need of a major facelift.
    But the Capitol had something the gate or mahon cinema’s do not have and that is character.
    Thousands of people have very fond memories of the place including myself. In recent years with
    Patrick O Brian as General Manager the atmosphere in there was great. Patrick was very kind to certain charities, disabled folk, simon community etc around Cork. The long term staff such as the Projectionists that worked there etc… there was a homely feeling about the place dispite it’s condition.
    The reason being for it’s poor upgrades were simpliy because the companies many was being pumped into other cinema’s such as the new mahon point omniplex.

    I will Miss the Capitol and the people that belonged to it.

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