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I’m going to Dublin on Wednesday and wanted to buy my train tickets in plenty of time. Here’s a shot of the queue outside the ticket office in Kent Railway Station, Cork.
Tickets are expensive at 56 Euro for a return ticket to Dublin. A 160 mile journey that takes almost 3 hours!




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    Michele November 27, 2005

    Don’t they have one of those automatic machines in Kent station yet?

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    Donncha November 27, 2005

    They do actually. 3 in fact. I took a quick look and when it said “for travel today” I joined the queue at the ticket office..

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    Enygma November 28, 2005

    Is it not cheaper to go with Ryanair now? I suppose when you factor in the cost of the taxi to the city centre…

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    Donncha November 28, 2005

    It probably would be cheaper to fly Ryanair, but it was at short notice and I never thought of it. Looking at Ryanair I see I could have flown for 9.99 up and 14.99 down.
    When you add taxes, fees and charges of €45.44 and €41.28 respectively the total cost of the airfare comes to €136.68! The train station is also closer to town and the flight times don’t match the schedule we had worked out.
    Ryanair 0 – 1 State run monopoly train service

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    Daragh Mc Grath November 28, 2005

    Plus you can get the Luas up from Heuston now too!

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    laura November 28, 2005

    if you buy a faircard, it reduces the price to forty something euro. it actually pays for itself in the saving on the first journey.

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    Flickr: davidobyrne September 25, 2006

    davidobyrne has posted a comment:

    Nice photo – that’s me at the front of the queue 🙂 [A friend passed on the link]

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    Flickr: Phil + Andy November 2, 2006

    Phil + Andy has posted a comment:

    Jaysus, you can do nothin’ eh?

    Big Flickr is watching us all…

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