Hazel O’Connor live in An Cruiscin Lan, Cork

Hazel O’Connor performed in An Cruiscin Lan last night. She has a great voice, and her songs are very emotionally charged and from the heart.
I loved how she told a short story about each song. It really brought it home how her mind works.




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    Maureen Simpson December 8, 2005

    Hey what beautiful shots – Thank you – I will show them to Hazel and Cormac. Do you have more?
    Maureen (Hazel’s manager)

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    Crispin Thomas CTM December 8, 2005

    really cool pix – how do you do that?
    so moody – so atmospheric – so emotive..
    i really must get out more and replace my Brownie!


    (Hazel’s Tour Agent)

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