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  1. Donncha, have you ever thought (planned) to integrate WP ‘not just’ as blog engine but also as photoblog engine which has been used by Lumilux?

  2. Lumilux looks like it doesn’t use WordPress and it’s certainly not the best use of the blogging medium – it doesn’t allow comments, and only has thumbnail going back 32 posts.
    What I’d love to have is a photoblog theme for WordPress. It would need to:
    1. Make it simple to post images. It should be as simple as Flickr – either upload form, or blog-by-email.
    2. Flexible enough to have one photo or many photos appear per day, and multiple posts if so desired. A post may contain multiple photos.
    3. It shoudl generate thumbnails for archives. That’s a hard bit.

    Any more features?

  3. I have try some of the Flickr plugins for WP and I haven’t satisfied yet. I have also thought of making a theme for photoblogging on WP. I agree with your points above. Here is something else.
    1.The ability to read one photo’s metadata automatically or manually (EXIF data). Like what camera did you use. What date it was taken. Or for the pro, the focal length, lens, shutter speed, etc. Then how to place this data nicely with some comment from you “I take this picture in.. bla bla bla” along with the picture. I usually see this on Chromasia and Flickr and I think it’s nice.
    2. One of the problem of photoblogging, I think, is the page loading time. It will be longer than usual, but it shouldn’t be too long.
    3. I think a photo in photoblog should be treated like entries on blog. We should have latest photo, categories, recent comment, etc. Think of WordPress but replace the entries with photos. That would be ideal and it is simple.
    4. I think it will be easier if WordPress somehow join Flickr 🙂 One of the disadvantages of Flickr is that its closed community. People with no Flickr account can’t leave comments.

    p.s. need any help with the CSS? 🙂

  4. By the way, Donncha, comments and full archives have been up for quite some time now; in fact, your comment was what made me realize I was being a dolt for not doing so.

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