A Gaggle of Photographers

Some of the photographers at a fashion show in Union Square, San Francisco in 2007.


Chips Anyone?

Chips, or fries as they’re known in the USA, sit cold and ignored. Aperture ƒ/5.6 Camera Canon EOS 20D Focal length 10mm ISO 100 Shutter speed 1/320s


Lollipops and Ants

Discarded confectionery at the football grounds in Cobh around 7 years ago. *Lick* Aperture ƒ/5.6 Camera Canon EOS 20D Focal length 20mm ISO 100 Shutter speed 1/200s


Clouds over Blarney

I walked out my front door in late August, 2011 and saw this amazing cloud in the sky above my head. I could not resist taking a few photos!


Zavvi Cork

Remember Zavvi in Cork? They took over from Virgin Megastore which then became Director’s Cut in The Queen’s Old Castle. Aperture ƒ/3.5 Camera Canon EOS 20D Focal length 10mm ISO 400 Shutter speed 1/25s


Ross Castle Boat

A small boat pulled up from the water close to Ross Castle near Killarney in Co. Kerry.


Dark Clouds over the Conor Pass

The sun momentarily shone through the clouds over the Conor Pass, Kerry.


Oscar on the beach again!

This photo of Oscar was taken in 2007 at Garrettstown Beach where Oscar loved to chase tennis balls. We always thought he was middle aged back then and nowadays he doesn’t do much running around at all. It’s hard to believe that was seven years ago! Aperture ƒ/5.6 Camera Canon EOS 20D Focal length 144mm […]


Fence in the Conor Pass

Just a part of a fence at the top of the Conor Pass in Kerry some five years ago.


Mizen Head Signal Station

The Mizen Head Signal Station lies at the tip of Ireland and is well worth a visit. I haven’t been there since this photo was taken many years ago.


Cork City Hall at Night

Cork City Hall as pictured from across the River Lee.


Shandon Bells on the Northside

The spire of St. Anne’s Church over the City of Cork


Couminole Beach on the Atlantic

Couminole Beach in Co Kerry takes the full force of the Atlantic waves. 2009.


The Dingle Peninsula Road

Part of the road around the Dingle Peninsula in Co Kerry.


Into the Water

Garrettstown, New Year’s Day 2007. Aperture ƒ/5.6 Camera Canon EOS 20D Focal length 59mm ISO 200 Shutter speed 1/80s