Rusty old fence at the Conor Pass

A rusty old fence is all that protects you from a nasty fall down a fairly steep hill down to the valley floor at the Conor Pass.


  1. Donal Reply

    Wow! Looks surreal.

  2. Pete Connolly Reply

    I really love this shot Donncha – a very nice one that holds special memories for me. My dear old departed Da (God rest his soul) drove me over the Conor Pass quite a few times, and I even got to walk over there as a younger lad. Could I dare to ask how much a print might be?

  3. Alex Reply

    Very nice work. Is that off-camera flash I see?

  4. Flickr: rosewoodoil Reply
  5. Flickr: _Harry Lime_ Reply

    Really nicely put together Donncha. That’s a really great rusty colour on the fence.

  6. Flickr: Traces in the Sand Reply
  7. jedrzej Reply

    a really nice one!
    but I’m curious too: was flash in use, or it wasn’t?

  8. Donncha Reply

    Alex & Jedrzej – no, all natural light. I was really lucky that day that the sun was shining from behind me and to my right. I got about a good half dozen shots off that were all keepers. :)

    Pete – I’ll email you. I just need to figure out a few things first!

  9. Flickr: nchenga Reply
  10. Flickr: Con Thom Reply

    thats an amazing view. that 10mm suits this photo perfectly. i love and size it gives to the pole

  11. John Pickering Reply

    Beautiful – very stirring picture – can’t wait to see the rest of the Conor Pass series.

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  17. Flickr: Donncha @ Reply

    uninorth13 – check my blog post linked above, I just started selling this :)

  18. Pete Connolly Reply

    Sorry for the delay Donncha – I’ve ordered a print from Redbubble. I’ll send you a photo of it in-situ :) Pleasure doing business with you!

  19. Donncha Reply

    Pete – I look forward to seeing that! :)

  20. Flickr: ihlphotography Reply
  21. Claire Reply

    Donncha, just ordered a print of this gorgeous picture from RedBubble. Special memories – Conor Pass is where my husband proposed to me. Going to hang this alongside a picture we had taken on the day of our engagement at the Pass. Thanks. Keep up the great work.

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