A girl’s bag

Two girls stop to talk on Patrick’s Street, Cork. That bag looks uncomfortable. What do women put in their bags?

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  1. Flickr: Alan Cotter Reply

    Every kind of crap possible, believe me… Nice shot man, well done..


  2. Flickr: Donncha O Caoimh Reply

    Thanks Alan! I was waiting with Adam in the buggy next to me while Jacinta looked around Brown Thomas. I think I got 2 or 3 more half-decent shots out of that 10 minutes :)

    Seen on the Web. (?)


  3. Flickr: JohnFinn Reply

    As a matter of interest Donncha, do you take these shots with your camera to your eye or do you take them unawares so to speak? Nice shot.


  4. Flickr: Donncha O Caoimh Reply

    John – it’s a mixture of both. I’m pretty sure this one was "from the hip" as the viewpoint is quite low. It can be nerve-wrecking taking the photo as the shutter on the Canon 20D is quite loud. Wait ’til you see tomorrow’s picture. Shot fairly close in while I wheeled the buggy about..


  5. Stephanie Reply

    I agree, that bag does look quite uncomfortable. Being a girl myself I keep a medium sized purse but I don’t go for the usual chick bags. Can you believe that you actually see bags and purses that have these stupid wooden or even metal handles. Cool looking and all but I mean come on when it comes down to it I like comfort with my bag.

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