Looking out for the kids

A wary father carries his son on his shoulder at the Ceili Mor as his photo is taken on St. Patrick’s Street last weekend. Looks like his passenger is enjoying the festival!

I like this: State of Emergency – pictures from Vogue of models and Police. They’re scanned from Vogue Italia so buy the magazine if you see it and enjoy this photo essay.


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    EnoMetis has posted a comment:

    Yeah it is a nice portrait!

    You do great street portrait!

    Looking out for the kids


  3. micki Reply

    Poor Dad. The kid looks like he’s got plenty of energy left for the day!


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    Thanks! I was very happy with that photo when I saw it. He definitely knew I was taking his photo but his son was way over the heads of everyone else and I saw the photo opportunity in my head!

    Looking out for the kids


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