High Rise Crane

A view of the crane helping in the construction of a new office block behind Cork City Hall. This is from the lobby of the carpark next door.

Other views of the same site: Building a City Sunset, Craning to See the Sky.


  1. micki Reply


    I can’t wait to see everything when the project is complete.


  2. Matty Reply

    Nice one. At first glance it’s hard to see if it’s a poster or a reflection or something. Nice to see you spending some time with your older lens!


  3. Donncha Reply

    Thanks :)

    What’s more, try clicking on the “print” link above. I have a few photos uploaded to Deviant Art and they’re available in a variety of sizes. I’ll be uploading more as time goes by so I should have quite a few of the photos here up there eventually.
    Not sure what I’ll do with my street shots. Even though they’re candid shots I still need a model release form I think, although it is for artistic purposes and other photographers use that argument successfully.


  4. andy Reply

    hi..i m a student who not very clear / can’t imaging
    how the high rise crane be increase to higher height during construction.
    can anyone tell me abt this.
    thank you

  5. ivan Reply

    can some1 tell me how a crane works? by that i mean how cranes use counterwieghts, how the body of the crane helps it not break? i really need to know cuz in my class were building a “strain crane” and i really need the info

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