Your vehicle has been clamped

This is the sign that drivers hate to see. Clampers are a relatively new phenomenon in Ireland but are reviled even more than traffic wardens now.


  1. micki Reply

    I’ve never heard of that. Is this done in response to a parking or traffic violation?

  2. sliabh Reply

    I am not so sure they are reviled. A lot of people I know think they are great. Because of them you can get a parking space in town these days. And it is great fun to see peopel that thought they could beat the system get caught. There is nothing like seeing some fancy BMW SUV with a great yellow clamp on the wheel.

    One of my fondest clamping memories was seeing all 4 FM104 ars in a line with a clamp on each of them. Priceless :-)

  3. James Farmer Reply

    I trust that isn’t yours ;) Hey, have a good wedding… part of me hopes you are and part of me hopes you’re not taking the photos!

  4. Matty Reply

    Yeah. Donncha, promise me you’re not putting up a photo here on Monday!

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