Waiting with shopping

Pictured in Kilkenny a few weeks ago.


  1. Eric Reply

    Oh, they seems to be relaxing a while before continuing their shopping activities :) I also notice the heart decoration in the background. Getting ready for Valentine’s Day? :)


  2. Donncha Reply

    Thanks for the comment Eric – I couldn’t believe it when I saw all the hearts. The shopping center was going all-out on the Valentine’s Day decoration! I haven’t seen the same thing in Cork, but then again I haven’t been around town much since I took this.
    Ready? I’ll be going to the florist early tomorrow morning to get the flowers!


  3. John Reply

    Looks like he’s waiting for the wife, quiet resignation.


  4. Donncha Reply

    Quiet resignation? And just before Valentine’s Day! ah yes, you may be right!


  5. coffeelover Reply

    Wonderful black and white candid. This man looks like I feel when I am out shopping with my wife.


  6. Budi Reply

    i love the expression on both of them. another hip shot my brother?


  7. Donncha Reply

    Yup Budi, you got it right. Another shot from the hip. I managed 4 frames as I walked towards him and this was my favourite!


  8. Dean Sherwood Reply

    Donncha this is a great shot, so well composed and a nice angle too.


  9. DaveP Reply

    Hmm. Shooting from the hip and still getting the background to go out of focus is tough. I find myself disracted by the background though, and would try throwing the camera into manual mode to see if I could fuzz out the background (and the gal, to a lesser extent) while keeping the guy sharp.

    Actually, now that I look at the info, the lens was already pretty wide-open, just shot wide enough that your depth of field was nearly infinite. Hmm….


  10. Donncha Reply

    Thanks Dave and Dean. In the original shot, the background is actually more in focus than the man on the bench. It was good luck that the web version hides the blurred details of the figure. That’s what you get for candid photography while walking towards your subject.
    Maybe I should try the focus tracking mode of the 20D. I should pay more attention to isolating the subject though, and even some post-shot blurring would have helped.


  11. Seán Ó hArgáin Reply

    As it happens Donncha, I know the fine gentleman pictured waiting on whoever. He’s Dick Holland, the front of house man in the Watergate theatre, and much better known for his smile. Passing the pic onto him. Meanwhile I think I’m the first Kilkenny politician to start my own blog as listed above. All visitors and comments welcom. Is it OK to use your pics on site?


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