Bibble Pro and empty plugin dropdowns

After I reinstalled Ubuntu 8.10 I of course had to install some of the 3rd paty software I used before. One of those was Bibble Pro and I ran into a problem I experienced before. The drop down list boxes of Bibble plugins were empty!

I searched Google, and then the Bibble Labs forum, and found the answer, sort of. This is a Linux problem, as the permissions on the plugin files are too restrictive.
The paths are wrong in the commands given by afx however. Here’s how to fix the plugins. As root, type the following:

chmod ugo+rx /usr/lib/bibblelabs/bibblepro/plugins/*
chmod ugo+r /usr/lib/bibblelabs/bibblepro/tools/Plugins/*
chmod ugo+rx /usr/lib/bibblelabs/bibblepro/plugins /usr/lib/bibblelabs/bibblepro/tools/Plugins/

This is for future reference in case I get hit by this particular bug again!

Gimp Photography

GIMP 2.6 out and I’m looking for the Ubuntu package

Hot news this afternoon is that GIMP 2.6 is now out. The release notes are the first place to look for a list of what’s new in this image editing software.

From the my perspective, there may not be anything mind blowing, but they have started integrating GEGL and there’s an option to enable it, so it might be possible to edit images in 16bit mode. I’ll have to start dumping my RAW files to gigantic tiff files once that happens. High quality Jpeg is great, but it’s 8bit. Most of the time I don’t notice, but on images with lots of blue sky it’s possible to see ugly banding of the blue that isn’t there in the RAW file.

I’m waiting for the Ubuntu Linux .deb, as are others and hopefully it’ll make it’s way to sooner rather than later. Meanwhile I’ll try my hand at compiling it myself.

PS. Welcome all from People’s Republic of Cork. Your visits are appreciated!