Canon 20D Cork Ireland People Photos Sigma 18-200 St Patrick's Street Street Urban Us

How are you?

Cork People Sigma 18-200 St Patrick's Street Street Urban Us

Meeting of minds

Black and White Candid Cork Ireland People Photos Sigma 18-200 St Patrick's Street Street Urban Us

Happy Family

Candid Canon 20D Cork Ireland People Sigma 18-200 Street Urban Us

Into Town

From above, the young couple walking past presents a dynamic and intriguing scene. The woman, with her striking red hair, stands out in her green top and jeans, carrying a shopping bag, walking briskly. Her companion, a man in a denim jacket and jeans, walks beside her, his face obscured from view. The view from above allows the observer to appreciate the couple’s body language, the determined stride of the woman, and the way the man walks besides her.

Despite the obscured face of the man, the image still conveys a sense of movement and energy. The contrast of the woman’s red hair against the green top creates a striking visual, drawing the eye to her as the dominant figure in the frame. The shopping bag she carries adds a sense of purpose and urgency to her movements, suggesting that the couple may be in a hurry or have a destination in mind. The man’s denim jacket and jeans create a harmonious colour scheme, blending in with the urban surroundings. This image captures a fleeting moment of everyday life, leaving the observer to wonder about the story behind the couple’s brisk pace and purposeful stride.

Cork Urban


This photo captures an interesting view of Cork City, with a plethora of church spires visible in the far background, rising majestically above the surrounding buildings. The spires are a testament to the city’s rich cultural heritage and add an air of grandeur to the scene. Their distant placement creates a sense of depth, drawing the eye towards the horizon and inviting the observer to explore the rest of the city.

In the near background, a school tower rises high, its brick facade contrasting with the surrounding buildings. The tower’s height and central location make it a prominent feature in the frame, adding a sense of order and stability to the scene. It’s now the Court House, of course.

In the foreground, construction material can be seen, serving as a reminder of the constant evolution of urban landscapes. Building work on the roof of a building continues, adding to the sense of movement and change in the city. The juxtaposition of the old and new, the ancient and modern, creates a dynamic and intriguing scene, revealing the city’s ever-changing character.

Cork Urban Us

No Cars!

The empty multi-storey car park presents an eerie and deserted scene. Inside, the lack of natural light makes the space feel dark and foreboding, adding to the sense of emptiness and abandonment. The only sources of light come from dimly lit overhead bulbs, casting a pale glow over the concrete floors and pillars. The silence is only interrupted by the faint hum of distant machinery, creating an unsettling atmosphere.

Despite the darkness inside, the outside world is bright and vibrant, visible through the open sides of the car park. The contrast between the bright exterior and the dark interior of the car park is stark, highlighting the sense of isolation and detachment within. The juxtaposition of the bright exterior and the dark interior creates a sense of longing and separation, emphasizing the emptiness of the space and the absence of life within.

Cork Urban Us

Building a City

This black and white photo captures the essence of a bustling construction site, frozen in time. The stark contrast between the shades of black and white creates a dramatic and moody effect, emphasizing the gritty and industrial nature of the scene. The tall crane looms ominously over the site, its long arms extending like spindly fingers towards the sky. The crane’s presence dominates the photo, symbolizing the power and strength of the construction industry.

The photo captures the energy and dynamism of the construction industry, reminding the viewer of the countless hours of hard work and dedication required to build the towering structures that shape our cities.

Cork Sky Us

Craning to see the sky

Looking up at a construction crane, the towering structure looms overhead, its long arms reaching high into the sky. The white billowing clouds float past, providing a soft and gentle contrast to the hard, angular lines of the crane. The photo captures a sense of perspective, emphasizing the sheer scale and magnitude of the crane as it rises into the heavens.

The photo conveys a sense of awe and wonder at the engineering marvels of the modern world. The crane symbolizes the power and strength of the construction industry, while the clouds remind us of the beauty and majesty of nature. Together, the crane and the clouds create a sense of harmony and balance, a reminder that human progress and technological advancement can exist in harmony with the natural world. The photo is a powerful tribute to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the human spirit, reminding us that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.


Abstract Us

Fire Hose

The hoses are coiled neatly but thrown in a heap, creating an almost chaotic visual effect. Despite the lack of order, the sheer size of the collection is impressive, with dozens of fire hoses filling the space.

The collection seems to stretch on endlessly, a testament to the importance of firefighting equipment and the bravery of those who work tirelessly to protect our communities. The coiled hoses may seem like a mundane object, but their presence is a powerful reminder of the critical role that firefighters play in keeping us safe.