The hurler and the buses

The hurler and the buses

The stunning mural of a hurler on the wall of a house on Anglesea Street and South Terrace stands watching passing traffic on a cold January evening. The mural by Dublin artist ACHES is amazing to look at during the day but I liked how the hurler is just visible between these passing buses.

You can read more about the mural in this Examiner interview with ACHES.

Q: People love to know the facts and figures of a job like this. Can you hit us with some numbers?

A: The dimensions of the wall were approximately 14.5 metres wide by 19 metres high.

I used roughly 205 cans of spray paint. The piece took 10 days to paint and I had to take two days off during this as the winds were too high to be on the lift as any winds over 45km/h are deemed unsafe to work in an elevated boom lift.

Q: What has the feedback been like?

A. The feedback has been great so far. As I was painting the mural I had numerous chats with passers by who were super friendly, often offering to buy me a coffee or some lunch and even in one instance a bottle of whiskey. I was also looked after well by the local businesses, Twenty Sandwich Bar and Cupcake Cottage who kept me fed and watered for the duration of my stay. After finishing the mural the feedback online has been great too, with multiple online resources sharing the image, which is great. It has also been photographed by a lot of people so far who have uploaded their own images of the wall online. Hopefully when the 5k limit lifts even more people can enjoy the piece.

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