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Mist and Sun near Blarney Castle

The early morning sun shines through the trees and mist.

November 2016.

More fire and music

Cork, December 2016.

Fog by the River

A cold morning in the grounds of Blarney Castle, Cork. December 2016.

Ferris Wheel and Lights

Cork, December 2016.

Morning Fog in Blarney

Blarney, Cork. December 2016.

Fire and Music

Cork, December 2016.

Ferris Wheel Speeding By

Cork, December 2016

Ferris Wheel and Cars

The ferris wheel on Grand Parade Cork from the top floor of the car park across the street. And a lovely evening sky too. 🙂

December 2016.

Sax Player

Cork, May 2015.