Flickr Comment Importer

Plugin: Flickr Comment Importer
Purpose: Import comments on your Flickr stream into your blog.
Author: Donncha O Caoimh
Version: 0.1
Install: Copy into your WordPress plugins directory, change extension to .php, activate on the Plugins page and configure.

If you use Flickr to host your photos this plugin will import the comments from your Flickr stream into your blog. Configure it by entering the RSS feed on Flickr’s recent activity page in the box provided.

Usage and Restrictions

  • Your posts must have the same name as the Flickr photo. For example, The Thieving Duck blog post matches The Thieving Duck on Flickr. It’s ok to have multiple Flickr photos with the same name as one blog post.
  • You can’t import all your old comments. It will only work with whatever Flickr puts in it’s comment feed which is the last ten comments.
  • Your comments are imported when you’re doing stuff in your WordPress backend and placed into the moderation queue. Make sure you login to WordPress often if you have a busy Flickr stream!


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    […] Flickr Comment Importer imports comments on your Flickr stream into your blog. […]

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    […] I just installed Donncha O Caoimh’s “Flickr Comment Importer” plug in for WordPress. If you’re using Flickr to host images for your WordPress blog, then this plug-in imports recent comments from your photostream using Flickr’s RSS feed. The plug-in has a few limitations but works well and is easy to set up. You can read about it and download it from Donncha’s photoblog InPhotos here. […]

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