Light Trails Through The Grand Parade

The Grand Parade last night while I was out with Blarney Photography Club in Cork. The shot is a 25 second exposure. For 20 seconds I exposed normally with the lens at it’s widest, but for the last 5 seconds I slowly zoomed from 17mm to 40mm to get the light trail effect. Aperture ƒ/22Read More »

Skateboards in Emmett Place

I posted a number of these photos before but not all, and I’ve given them a “lick of paint” in Lightroom so they’re developed differently now anyway. I’ll update this gallery if I work on any of the other photos from that day. Emmett Place, Cork in 2005. Aperture ƒ/3.5 Camera Canon EOS 20D FocalRead More »

Lean on the Wall

Just outside the English Market, Grand Parade, Cork. Street photography is hard. It’s difficult to shoot candid photos of people on the street and get a picture in focus that is pin sharp. To aid me in that task I used the auto ISO setting on my camera, with a minimum shutter speed of anRead More »

Cork Street Photography Meetup One

Some of the photos I took for the Cork Streetphotography meetup on January 31st, 2015. You can find more images on the Flickr Group. Check the meetup page for details of the next photowalk later this month! Aperture ƒ/10 Camera Canon EOS 6D Focal length 105mm ISO 125 Shutter speed 1/125s