Light Trails in Blarney

The red lights of a passing car streak across this photo taken in front of Christy’s in Blarney over the weekend. The photo was a long exposure of 8 seconds, at f/4, ISO 100. I was shooting in manual mode and made sure the scene was under exposed by at least a stop. As f/4Read More »

The fugitive can’t run fast enough!

The 96FM Fugitive is a character listeners of Cork radio station 96FM watch out for as DJs on the radio station give out clues as to his whereabouts. Find him and you’ll win a cash prize! A few weeks ago they told people he was in Blarney and I was asked at least three timesRead More »


The beautiful smiling woman in the background is on a poster covering one of the front windows of the old Moderne premises on St Patrick’s Street, Cork. While out with Blarney Photography Club we stopped to make some photos of this striking yellow background with passers by in front. There were five of us thereRead More »

Still Pushing Buggies

A new book featuring pictures of Cork was published recently, Cork in the 1960s. The front cover is a photo of two women pushing a buggy and a pram on St. Patrick’s Street. I was on that street today and when I saw the book in the window of Waterstones I had to make thisRead More »