Pure joy! A child on drums!

Can you imagine the noise? Well, don’t worry, it was in the middle of the street! A child took control of the drums while the adults took a break during the Cork Folk Festival.
From the programme I guess the group singing and dancing with accompanied drums and music were the “Christ Restoration Ministries Gospel Choir”. A large crowd gathered around so it was difficult to get any shots of the dancing, not surprising really because they were very good.

I like this: Battersea Power Station and Grosvenor Bridge because the photographer, Dave Gorman, had a positive experience with the police. (via)

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  1. micki

    This is a perfect title, because that is pure joy shining forth from his face. Great capture!


  2. Donal

    Great capture Donn. Every kid (and big kid) loves hitting a drum.


  3. Flickr: arranging constellations
  4. Flickr: EnoMetis

    EnoMetis has posted a comment:

    Nice contrasts and the kid looks to have such a great time!

    Pure joy! A child on drums!


  5. Arun

    Ah.. that’s a nice one. I think it would have been great if you could get up close to his face.


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  7. James djembe

    yea, sweet shot…


  8. DrumPlayer

    Excellent picture! Thanks for sharing it.

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