Matt and Donncha

Matt and I pictured in front of Blarney Woollen Mills!

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  • [...] Matt has been in Cork for the past few days and we’re catching up on WordPress stuff. After mentioning a local beverage, the discussion on his blog has centered around which is better, Guinness or Murphys! I don’t drink either so I’ll let that up to others! He’s going home soon, but expect a podcast interview by Tom Raftery before the end of the week, and I’ll post a picture later today! Here it is! A great photo taken by Jacinta outside Blarney Woollen Mills. Related Stories (matt, blarney) [...]

  • Budi December 14, 2005 Reply

    Finally…they’ve met for the first time :)

    *very historical photo*

  • Mark December 14, 2005 Reply

    God we’re old.

  • Jose December 15, 2005 Reply

    I was wondering what you two looked like … It’s good to put a face to the people that make the sharing of my thoughts so much easier.

    Great work!

  • [...] Here they are [...]

  • [...] Reading through that list, it’s true that Matt and I hadn’t met when I started working for him. In fact it was several months later in December before we met. [...]

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