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Galway Girl

I heard on Twitter (via a private account so no link) that this lady has since passed away.

Boat in Kinvarra

Boat in Kinvarra

A boat tied up (and stranded as the tide was out) in Kinvarra, Co Galway in 2011.

Gravestones Flat

An old graveyard in Spiddal, Co Galway. September 2011.

Aperture ƒ/10
Camera Canon EOS 40D
Focal length 18mm
ISO 100
Shutter speed 1/250s

An entertaining statue

A street performer in Galway City last September. Put money in his box and he’d shake a bit and make some noise. Only kids stopped to watch him.

Adults hurried by.

Aperture ƒ/8
Camera Canon EOS 40D
Focal length 21mm
ISO 400
Shutter speed 1/125s